The Penguin World project will create a platform for researchers, scientists, photographers and companies to raise more awareness about WHAT is happening in the ocean, WHY we should care about and HOW we can improve and solve these important marine conservation issues.

Some of the world’s best photographers will help to bring the issues – and the solutions – to life for a global audience. We will showcase stories and images from around the world in a series of high quality exhibitions, books and articles. We also want to invite people to join some of our Penguin World expeditions and events to learn more about the conservation issues and encourage people to care more about a healthy and living ocean.


We belive that the best way of learning about penguins and the marine conservation issues is to visit the area and see it with your own eyes. We will cooperate with partners to offer you trips to relevant destinations where we combine lectures about the conservation topics with exploring some of these areas.

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We will publish a beautiful and collectible “Penguin World” book in the relevant language, where we combine great images with important information from our 18 expert about marine conservation issues. This book will be published in different languages and editions, and linked to exhibitions and events in some key contries. We will also publish a variety of different articles highlighting the penguins and conservation issues explored by the project.


We will launch a series of exhibitions to showcase the private life of penguins and the threats to their marine ecosystems. These exhibitions will be held in key cities and strategic places, where their important conservation messages will reach as many people as possible. The aim of these exhibitions will be to raise awareness of, and interest in, penguins and ocean health. We will also arrange events and talks represented by one of our team photographers or experts.