We are proud to have teamed up with some of the world’s best experts, photographers and partners to give the Penguin World project the experience, innovation and creative talent required to produce outstanding results. The project will not only show the world a brighter future, but suggest solutions to achieve it.


We are building a team of world-leading scientists, each with expertise in each of the conservation issues tackled by this project. Our experts have cutting edge knowledge in biology, climate changes, economics, innovation and politics.

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We have invited a team of carefully-chosen world class photographers to join us in this ambitious project. With their stunning images, dedication and creativity, we can share our vision for a healthy and vibrant global marine ecosystem and a bright future for penguins everywhere.

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Our partners in Penguin World are forward thinking, socially and environmentally responsible companies who share our vision. They have been carefully selected and invited to join us in our endeavours, and their contribution is vital for developing sustainable solutions to protect and restore our marine ecosystems. Become a partner?

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