Penguin World is about conserving the world’s precious and fragile marine ecosystems. Every one of the 18 species of penguins around the globe is affected by the same global issues that are damaging our oceans’ health. Here are our priority conservation issues:


What is El Niño and how does strong El Niño events affect the climate and marine life?

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Other conservation issues:

-Our planet’s right lung – a living ocean is vital for the existence of life on our planet
-Industrial krill harvest – how can we support more sustainable fishing practices?
-Ocean acidification – how is it affecting marine life?
-Ecotourism – what is its economic value, what are its negative impacts and how to implement ‘fair trade’ standards
-Aquaculture – is this a solution or a problem?
-Marine Protected Areas (MPA) – why we need to protect larger marine ecosystems
-Research and scientific study – why are they important, and how can we establish sound ethical guidelines?
-Climate change – the impact of changing prey distribution and migration
-Protecting marine biodiversity
-Oil drilling
-Oil spills from ships and tankers
-Plastic debris
-Fisheries bycatch
-Emptying of ballast tanks – causing oil and chemical pollution
-Competing with industrial fisheries – will small Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) help the marine life?
-Unsustainable fisheries (overfishing)
-Melting sea ice and rising sea levels