Our MISSION is to draw the world’s attention to the importance of, and threats to, our marine ecosystems. Penguins are the perfect ambassadors for communicating about the 18 most serious conservation issues. Adopting a positive and proactive approach to tackling some of the biggest issues, we aim to involve scientists, academics and global companies that have established social responsibility and environmental strategies.

Our VISION is a future with healthy and vibrant oceans. To achieve this, we want to share solutions for more sustainable fisheries, safe seafood, cleaner waters and thriving marine life.



On our beautiful blue planet, the sea covers more than 70% of the surface. But the world’s oceans are suffering from pollution, unsustainable fishing, habitat destruction and climate change. How do human activities affect our oceans and what technological innovations, management changes and political agreements will resolve these issues?

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Photography and film are powerful tools to communicate about the conservation issues penguins are facing and outline possible solutions. Some of the world’s finest nature photographers are currently undertaking expeditions to remote islands and areas in the Southern Hemisphere to capture the images to share these stories.

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Penguins are perfect ambassadors for the conservation of our seas. They eat the same fish species as us, move around upright and have a complex social life, in which we can see a reflection of our own. They are funny and cute, and they speak to us on an emotional level. They are a living barometer of how marine conditions are changing.

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