Welcome to the Penguin World website. Here we will share with you the philosophy of this project, and keep you updated about our achievements. Penguin World is still in its early stages, and we will update the site with more information over the coming months. Please sign up for our newsletter to ensure you get the latest Penguin World news automatically every second month.

This website will reveal OUR MISSION – why we have launched this project, introduce OUR TEAM – the people behind it, and share WHAT WE DO – our goals.

We hope Penguin World will encourage you to learn more about the world’s rich marine ecosystems, the penguin species that depend upon them and the conservation issues affecting them, how it affect people like you and me, and to GET INVOLVED.

The time to act and make a difference is now. And we hope that as many individuals, companies and communities as possible will join forces for a better future for our planet.